The heart-melting ad is revealing Indian parents' attitude towards academics

This viral Bournvita ad is an eye opener for parents! Sania Mirza, Madhuri Dixit React

Indian parents’ obsession with academics and exam scores is a very well known fact globally and is stereotyped. Bournvita has created this ad during the exam season that is a true eye opener. the viral ad is helping parents realise that exam scores are not everything and they need to “look beyond marks”.

Look Beyond Marks - Viral Bournvita Clearance Sale Ad
Look Beyond Marks - Viral Bournvita Clearance Sale Ad

The 2:43 Bournvita India's Clearance Sale minute ad is about a “clearance sale” in a busy shopping mall in the city. The ad shows curious shoppers check out the sale but they are in for a surprise and there is a dawning realisation that parents may be focusing too much on marks and exam scores.

Bournvita shared the ad on its Twitter page:

 With exams around the corner, Bournvita decided to set up a Clearance Sale. When curious shoppers walked in, they experienced the unexpected, changing the way they looked at exam time.

The video has evoked strong positive reaction from leading celebs and sports icons such as Madhuri Dixit Nene and Sania Mirza who urge parents to encourage children to follow their passion and not just focus on academic excellence especially when children are more passionate about pursuing other talents. The advert shows children selling their art work, sporting kit and musical instruments, so they can make their parents happy and focus on studies to get good marks. The advert shows the kids passionate about sports or having a real talent in guitar and dreams about being the next Ronaldo. But parents’ obsession with marks is forcing them to shun their dreams and passions.

The heart-melting ad is proving to be an eye opener and is going viral on social media as it is aptly timed when the exam stress has reached fever pitch in India ahead of summer holidays.

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